How to Become a Successful Person?

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There is a lot of research and books on how to be successful, how to become an ideal model in everyone’s life. Alas, they do not answer the main question. And all because there is no secret of success.

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Being successful is the conviction of Richard St. John, author of The Great Eight and organizer of the largest study of successful people. The writer and businessman spoke with 500 millionaires and champions from various fields and came up with 8 rules that made them the best in their business. Wealth followed later.

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  1. Love what you do, not money
  2. More precisely, it is not even love, but a passion for one’s occupation. Not working for hire from 9 to 18 on weekdays – waiting for the end of the shift. On the contrary, the desire to work longer, more productive and better. At least at the weekend, at least at night.

    “The only path to genuine satisfaction is through work that you consider outstanding. And the only way to make your work outstanding is through your love for what you do,”- quoted writer Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

    The author of the book also interviewed the current US President Donald Trump. “I just love what I do, and if you love what you do, you will give it all. And then people say, “Oh, you’re a guy with ambition,” he said. Wondering how Trump feels about his current job?

    The challenge is to enjoy 80% of your work. The remaining 20% ​​is a routine, without which it is impossible. If the ratio is different, you are not doing your own thing, the writer believes.

  3. Work and work again
  4. Labour is the price to enter the territory of success, and all successful people, regardless of their field of activity, work hard, the author of the study writes.

    “We worked on our search engine 24 hours a day. Inspiration alone is not enough for success. It’s 90% work up to the seventh sweat,” says Google co-founder Larry Page.

    All successful people work longer than others. But they cannot be called workaholics. They are rather hardworking. Because they enjoy their work.

    Renowned investor Warren Buffett, 86, one of the richest people on the planet, could have retired long ago, but his love for his job prevents him from doing so. He says: “When I head to my office every morning, I feel like I’m going to the Sistine Chapel to paint frescoes.” Do you feel something like this on your way to work?

  5. Concentrate on the essentials
  6. Most people are sprayed. They want to try themselves in everything. As a result, they know about everything, but little by little. Successful people, on the other hand, focus on one thing. But they are becoming the best in this business. World renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong doesn’t play ball well, but who cares when he’s the fastest pedalling?

    Concentration is about both targeting and responding to distractions along the way. Writer Stephen King says: “If you want to be a writer, you shouldn’t have a telephone in your office, and you certainly shouldn’t have a TV or stupid distracting video games. If there is a window, curtain it or lower the blinds.”

    If you are not a writer, but an office worker, then this is not always possible. But to limit everything that distracts from the main task is within the power of many.

  7. Get over yourself
  8. The main rival on the road to success is yourself. Learn to fight yourself. First, you need to set ambitious goals. Second, set tight deadlines.

    “Director James Cameron often says, ‘The more difficult the task, the more interesting it is for me.’ Solving the incredibly difficult problems associated with the creation of the epic “Titanic”, lifted him to the top of world cinematic fame, bringing him a bunch of “Oscars” – writes Richard St. John.

    Other factors push you to achieve more. For example, competition.

  9. Listen and write down ideas
  10. Business is a very creative thing. And there is even more creativity among entrepreneurs than among artists. The consumer does not like platitudes. Give everyone something fresh and extraordinary. Ideas don’t just come to mind. Successful people have learned to listen to and embrace the ideas of others. And then use them to your advantage.

    “I am constantly learning from successful people, so now I carry a notebook and a couple of pens with me in case one of them runs out of pasta. I also have a small digital voice recorder with me all the time. And I’ll tell you honestly: if I ever get a great idea, I won’t let it fly away,” writes Richard St. John, who himself has worked in the advertising business for many years and has several professional awards.

  11. Improve yourself
  12. Get better every day – this is an axiom that all successful people know. Golf superstar Tiger Woods said, “Ask yourself on December 31st: Am I playing any better than January 1 this year? If the answer is yes, then the year was successful. And if you always work in the same mode, then for each year you will rise one step up.”

    To become better at what you do, you need to constantly practice, hone your skills. Therefore, if you are now writing a business plan for your own life, the word “Self-improvement” should be on the cover, – emphasizes the author of the book.

  13. Be helpful
  14. Look at the lists of American billionaires and you will see that most of them have made their fortunes by providing people with the services they need. Bill Gates offers the software we need; Sam Walton gives discounts at his Wal-Mart. Some become millionaires by offering people good budget products, like Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of the international hypermarket chain IKEA, who sells furniture to millions of consumers.

    To make a lot of money, it’s not enough just to do what you love, Richard St. John is sure. You need to offer people what they like. After all, they pay you for your services. And the more they like these services, the more they are willing to pay.

  15. Show perseverance without looking back
  16. All successful people have made mistakes. You can’t do without them. But someone is going through a long time. And someone shakes off the dirt from his jacket and gets down to business again.

    “Failure sometimes hurts. The choice is yours: you can learn something or crawl quietly into the cemetery. This is your university if you decide to learn your lesson and move forward. This is your graveyard if you drop your hands and back off. Even if you don’t like learning, it is much better than death.”